Camp Cristina is looking for great people to be a part of our 2018 summer staff! Making a difference in the life of a young person and gaining lifelong friends in the progress is a wonderful way to spend your summer!


Summer Positions

  • Summer Camp Counselors
  • Wrangler Instructors
  • Fishing Instructors
  • High/Low Ropes Instructors
  • Target Sports Instructors
  • Lifeguards

Group Interviews Dates (location at 1905 N. Florida Ave, Tampa):

  • January 20/9-12 pm
  • January 23/4-7 pm
  • January 28/2-5 pm
  • February 10/9-12 pm
  • February 11/2-5 pm
  • February 18/2-5 pm
  • February 27/4-7 pm
  • March 4/2-5 pm
  • March 6/4-7 pm
  • March 10/9-12 pm
  • March 11/2-5 pm
  • March 13/4-7 pm
  • March 18/2-5 pm
  • March 24/9-12 pm


At YMCA Camp Cristina we are interested in hiring people who believe, as we do, that in many ways our children are the keys to an improved world. We are interested in counselors that are the type of role model that a Mom or Dad would choose for their youngster. We want counselors who love to be with children and are committed to helping each boy or girl to feel good about themselves and to learn to get along with others!

Jobs for many majors, interests, and passions

From nursing majors to marketing majors to those passionate about animals and those passionate about children. Whether you're pursuing a career in ministry or a career in education, we have summer internships and jobs that will help you gain the experience and hands on training you need to further your vocational learning.

Ways you will benefit from a summer with Camp Cristina:

  • Gain significant leadership experience
  • Exceptional ministry experience
  • Internships that will boost your resume and experience in your chosen major
  • Opportunities to work with and minister to kids aged 1st-12th grade
  • Develop life-long friendships
  • Discover your passion and what your vocation might be
  • Learn practical, applicable management techniques, and meaningful ways to encourage and motivate kids and your peers
  • You get paid to play!