Are you looking for programs that compliment your curriculum in the classroom?  Our Outdoor Education programs primary goal is to instill in each student an increased sensitivity to the natural environment and a discovery of nature. The natural world is waiting to be explored. Designed to introduce our youngest learners to the wonders of nature, our outdoor education program encourages students to utilize all five senses as they discover, investigate, and understand their environment.

In our program, students learn the way of understanding the remarkable processes of nature. From the cycles that replenish and replace the Earth’s air water and soil, to the relationships between living things in natural communities, students get their hands dirty in four different ecosystems as they learn to understand and appreciate the planet we call home.

Through experiential learning, students discover the value of environmental responsibility. They learn that if something happens to our air, water and soil, we can’t just go to the neighborhood Galaxy Mart to get some more. This is all we have.