Equestrian Camp 

Campers enrolled for Equestrian camp will participate for half of the day in horsemanship, skill development, and learning how to care for the horses. During the other half of the day campers will enjoy time at the lake and at the Camp Cristina Swimming Pool! 

Equestrian I: Rising first-third graders 
Equestrian II: Rising fourth-seventh graders 

Dates: June 8-Aug. 21 

Swim Lessons 

The Go for Green program is an opportunity for Day Camp participants who are unable to pass the YMCA’s swim test to receive basic instruction from our certified swim instructors. Day Camp participants will be swim tested on Monday each week of camp. All participants classified as a “Red Band,” swimmer or non-swimmer will receive water safety education and basic water safety skill instruction during their designated camp swimming time for the week they are enrolled. Our Go for Green program will be offered at no additional cost to Day Camp participants. 


Paintball Camp 

Paintball has long been a popular activity at Camp Cristina! Campers participating in paintball must be 10 years old and going into the fifth grade by the session start date. Campers in this program will work on teamwork, skill development, strategy, and tactics 

Paint Ball I: Rising fifth-seventh graders 
Paint Ball II: Rising eighth-ninth graders 

Dates: June 8-Aug. 21